United Elements Open

United Elements Open is an event that has become traditional in business sphere. Every year at the height of the season, we invite our partners and customers for the tournament to enjoy the exciting sport and pleasant communication.

Winners of tournament and special nominations receive exclusive prizes from our vendors and sponsors. In addition, each participant receiveы special issue of United Elements Report, where colorful photos from the event and interviews with winners are published. On the first and the last days of the tournament a special dinner is waiting for you!


One of the main goals of the tournament is the creation of a golfers’ community in Russia that will uphold traditional values and the etiquette of this “gentlemen’s sport”.

Honesty, respect for partners and competitors, trust and keeping things in order on the courses lie at the root of golf etiquette. The same rules we are trying to bring into business; that is why United Elements Group chooses golf as a sport that strengthens business relations.